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What Is Mirror Text’s Role In Securing Your Social Media Account Passwords?

In 2022, a lot of cyber security experts worked day and night to secure their networks. According to an expert, businesses spent 22% more in 2021 than in 2020 to secure their networks. So, social media isn’t much different, as it requires equal security. But does it help if you use mirrored text as your password? How effective is it? More importantly, how do you even write mirror text? Let’s find out.

What Is Mirror Text?

Mirror text is a type of text that can be read in two different ways. The first way is to read the words as they are, and the second way is to read the words backward. Mirror text was first introduced by artist Milt Gross in his 1920 book “He Done Her Wrong.”

The purpose of this technique was to create a sense of confusion and suspense. It also has a duality effect, allowing it to be used for comedy and horror. But, in today’s world, mirror text is used as a security measure.

It’s not only difficult to decipher or decode, but it’s also confusing for a common user. That’s why their primary usage nowadays is either in social media bios, codes, or passwords. But generating mirror text can be difficult.

In theory, you can write or turn an original word like this:

Original Word: “Orange”

Mirrored Word: “Egnaro”

However, writing that into a sentence or password is a lot more difficult. That’s why many people use mirror text generators nowadays.

How To Generate Or Get Mirror Text?

The one common way of generating or getting mirror text is doing it yourself. But that’s not recommended because after a few words, you might lose track of spellings, and it also consumes a lot of time.

A much better alternative is to use a mirror text generator. This way, you avoid the hassle and get the text that you want to use as a password—or for any other purpose. Here’s how:

  • Use a mirror text generator
  • Enter the password you wish for

Mirror text online

  • Mirror it

Mirror text generator

  • Done

As you can see, the password was going to be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. However, now it’s going to be the same but in reverse. So, using a tool is much more convenient and easier than trying and doing it manually.

Mirror Text’s Role In Securing Your Social Media Account Passwords?

Mirror text is secure, but is it really that secure that you should rest easy? The thing about social media is that they’re very secure nowadays than they were around 5-10 years ago. Today, they use advanced encryptions and sign-in methods.

So, it’s one of the main reasons that 95% of cyber security breaches are caused by human error. But to help you understand why mirror text is important, here are three main reasons you should be using them:

Very Difficult To Guess

Hackers or phishing scammers use a lot of tactics to sign into the accounts of social media users. Many people today use passwords that are easy to guess, such as 124567, ILoveYou, etc. So, that’s something you don’t want because it’s ridiculous.

On the other hand, Mirror text is a lot more difficult to guess. For instance, if your password was simply “Password1,” then mirrored, it would be “1drowssap.” Notice the difference? While we don’t recommend using this particular password, this technique is safer than a generic password.

Not Easily Breakable

Mirrored passwords aren’t exactly easy to break. Next time you want to check their integrity, use a mirror text generator and create a password. Then, sign up for an account and check the strength of that password.

It’ll be either strong or very strong. And, you didn’t have to use unique characters, numbers, etc. So, that’s what makes the mirrored text a password that’s not very easy to break by even the most seasoned hackers.

Easy To Remember

One great thing about mirrored passwords is that they’re easier to remember. For instance, you can use the name of your favorite movie in mirror mode to create a password. Once you do, you can simply remember it, even if you forget it.

So, by mirroring each word, you can guess your own forgotten password to recover your account. This factor alone makes it a lot better to secure your social media account passwords.


These are some key factors to understanding mirror text and using them as passwords. Social media networks are secure as long as you comply with their security measures. So, it’s up to them as much as it’s up to you and using mirror text is a viable way to protect your social media presence.

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