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5 ways to fix Windows 10 Startup problems in 2023

Windows 10 Won’t Boot after a power failure, or the computer won’t start after installing a new update or adding …

April 27, 2023
How To

Windows 11 Memory Diagnostic Tool (Test RAM errors)

You can run the “Memory diagnostic tool” on Windows 11 to check for possible errors with Random Access Memory (RAM) …

April 27, 2023
How To

DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Error on Chrome windows 11

Getting “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” error in Google Chrome? This error usually means the browser unable to resolve the domain name (website name) …

April 27, 2023
How To

8 ways to Protect Windows 11 PC From Hackers and Virus

Windows 11 latest release from Microsoft use Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to secure the login process, UEFI Secure Boot prevent …

April 25, 2023
How To

How to increase virtual memory in Windows 11/10

When your computer runs low memory, (due to multiple tasks running simultaneously) windows 11 uses your Hard disk space to …

April 25, 2023
How To

How to Back Up Your Windows Computer to external drive or Cloud storage

Backup is a process that copies all your files, data and information to effectively create two versions – one on …

April 25, 2023

windows 10 slow boot problem? 7 ways to make it faster in 2023

Windows 10 takes forever to boot when you turn on or reboot your computer. Many users report, Windows 10 slow …

April 24, 2023
How To

Twitch Error 5000: Content Not Available (6 solutions to apply)

Getting Frustrated by Twitch Error 5000:Content Not Available? Error 5000 Twitch Content Not Available keeps popping up? Here is how …

April 23, 2023

How to Download latest Windows 11 ISO image (64 bit) for free

Finally, Microsoft has released the stable version of windows 11 22H2 for eligible Windows 10 devices as a free upgrade. …

April 22, 2023
How To

Signs of Hard Disk Failure: How to Detect if Your Hard Drive is Failing

A hard disk drive or HDD is an essential component of your computer that stores all the important data, including …

April 18, 2023

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